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i was walking by our SOMA WWO drop spot last week and poked my head in just for the heck of it and there was a brand new WWO package inside — a note about creative re-use plus a seed for a loquat tree with instructions for how to plant it and nurture it. so cool!!! WWO lives

From an undercover WWO operative in San Francisco. Here, read saint3milion’s original mission at Hey, cool, whoever updated that drop!

For all y’alls in the Louisville area, check out FallingIntoSin’s drop. Are there more? It would be cool to build a network of WWO drop spots at How do you do it? mpathytest tells all here.

Yours Truly appeared today on Your Call at KALW 91.7. The subject was purportedly, “do videogames have the power to change history?” but the other panelists and I never got around to answering that question. Best moment for the listeners: when host Sandip Roy gets one of us to admit that in actuality (s)he has never played a videogame.

Matt Arnold is the WWO fan who invented the term “historical pre-enactment” to describe what WWO does. Which is just brilliant on so many levels. In this post, he reveals that running such historical pre-enactments would be one of his dream jobs, and the Society for Creative Anachronism is a model for what us Serious ARGers could become.

Evelyn Rodriguez tells why here. Evelyn:

Weave us into a possible future, let us picture ourselves in the middle of a plotline, rather than just spout out more statistics in a news item.

Nice way to sum up what’s so appealing about the Serious ARG.

Alice, in Wonderland, features WWO in this post-mortem. She calls us brave. O yeah.

It was the world's first serious alternate reality game, a cooperative pre-imagining of a global oil crisis. Over 1900 players collaborated in May 2007 to chronicle the oil crisis with their own personal blog posts, videos, images and voicemails. The game ended after simulating the first 32 weeks of the oil shock, but its effects continue, as game designers analyze its unique gameplay and we all watch the continuing drama with global oil prices and supply.