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Fast-forward a bit into the future… and sayonara, sez MsMaverick.


July 12, 2007
Futurology and training

The future belongs to that which has the longest memory. (Friedrich Nietzsche)

“The Internet projects that obtain the financial support of established organizations undergo a process of selection which is not unlike that of a book. On the other hand, they are characterized by their originality, considering the metamorphic nature of the media. World Without Oil got my attention precisely by the uniqueness of its concept: to ask young people to publish imaginary reports over the weeks following an oil shortage, an event with multiple economic, social and environmental consequences. The result is of an astonishing quality. The participants determined the essence of a complex subject…”

Thus begins an essay by François Guité in RELIEF. The essay is in French, so break out your favorite Babelfish.

The U.S. Military discovers peak oil.

It was the world's first serious alternate reality game, a cooperative pre-imagining of a global oil crisis. Over 1900 players collaborated in May 2007 to chronicle the oil crisis with their own personal blog posts, videos, images and voicemails. The game ended after simulating the first 32 weeks of the oil shock, but its effects continue, as game designers analyze its unique gameplay and we all watch the continuing drama with global oil prices and supply.